Inniu is Inné

Holographic sculptural installation | Donegal | 1998-2000

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h_gilligan4Four concrete structures ‘ an enclosed standing stone like installation’ The walls facing inwards are comprised of black and white mosaic tiling of photographic images which hold important contemporary cultural, social and personal significance for the townspeople of Donegal, either collectively and/or individually. A Hologram is set in the centre of the enclosure. A hologram is a two dimensional image that appears three dimensional. It is like a photograph taken with laser light. To the naked eye the image projects itself, so as it appears more real. Holography is not a very common art form. As public art it functions well due to its novelty quality. The image recorded is that of a person trying to escape from under the manhole. It refers to the discovery of the archaeological sites while digging for the by-pass. Holograms are usually best viewed in darkness with one light source. This one is only lit by the sun naturally. The effect is ghostly, transparent and ethereal – a modern day version of New Grange – although it can be seen with a flash lamp on a dark evening!

The artist buried a time capsule underneath the Hologram and the contents were collected from local school children – the present day settlers of 2000AD with the intention of evoking echoes of the earliest Neolithic inhabitants of the area – much evidence of their existence and vibrant lifestyles were recovered in the original excavation of the By-Pass.

Hologram, 2000
Open Two stage competition commissioned by Donegal County Council in conjunction with The National Roads Authority. The Hologram is 3 metres Wide, has a 2 metres tapering to 1.5 metres and is located at the Donegal Town By-Pass. Coming from the South, this piece is located on the right hand side of the road, at the top of the amenity area, just before the Donegal Town By-Pass at the Public Service Building Roundabout.

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