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About the Artist: Hilary Gilligan is a professional artist, born, raised, living, working and creating in County Sligo. Educated in Ireland, Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Canada and in 1997 awarded a Masters  Degree in Fine Art from the University of Ulster, Belfast.

Hilary Gilligan

Art Pratice

Her art practice since 1989 is diverse, explorative and innovative. Methods include photography, film, video, audio, holography, print, ceramics, sculpture, installation, projection, site-specific, live performance, multimedia, intervention, landscape, environment, street, public, private, temporary, permanent, community, commission, collaborate, curate, manage, direct, design, lecture, teach, facilitate, workshop, educate, consult, committee, volunteer, organise, research, study, learn, exhibit and travel.


Hilary is a winner of several public art commissions, travel awards from the Irish Arts Council and an arts bursary from Belfast City Council. Exhibitions, performances or lectures have travelled beyond Ireland to the United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Hilary Gilligan Artist

Creating Baby versus Art

Hilary Gilligan Art
Hilary has been working on a video project entitled “Old Cures”. Sourcing and documenting the remaining genuine seventh sons and seventh daughters in Ireland with healing powers, while continuing to record those and other stories from her local community.

She gave birth to her biggest ever-creative project in the form of a baby girl in January 2006, this experience has given rise to the birth of a new personal artwork in progress entitled “Creating Baby versus Art